The adaptability, flexibility, and ultra-thin profile of Ascent Solar’s modules make it easy to directly integrate solar power into an unlimited number of consumer electronic products. Ascent Solar’s transformational technology enables the seamless integration of solar power with any device. Ascent’s best-in-class lightweight, flexible solar modules provide power on the go, and allow consumers to use devices free from the constraints of the grid.

  • Lightweight, flexible, and rugged construction with award-winning solar technology
  • Ascent Solar can provide engineering services and assistance for electrical interface systems and custom PV design
  • Monolithic integration allows current to flow around any damage for uninterrupted power generation

Consumer Electronics and the OEM Market

Personal electronics, such as tablets and smartphones, are more pervasive than ever; their use increases every month. Ascent Solar has been hard at work integrating itself into the $7 billion dollar Consumer and OEM Industry. With increasing power needs from consumers, there is growing demand for portable power to recharge electronics throughout the day. Ascent Solar has partnered with PowerKeep to develop solar chargers for the line of Energizer® PowerKeep products. Ascent’s unique ability to directly integrate its thin, lightweight solar solutions into fabrics, plastics, and other materials has made us a prime candidate for OEM and licensing opportunities with several consumer brands in the coming years.

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